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Volunteers Needed
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Click Here to see Leadership Role Descriptions. Remember Responsibilities can be delegated out to other Parents so you don't have to do everything.

Look And See What You Can Do To Help The Pack Bring A Quality Program To Your Scout.

The following are Pack Leadership Positions that we could use adults to come forward and volunteer their time for.
Most of the positions below will require that you attend the Monthly Pack Committee meetings (usually the 1st Monday of each month) during the time you are planning the events etc. to give the pack leadership an update on your progress.

Pack Committee General Member - 1 parent from each den who is not already a den leader.  Help the committee with planning of events etc.  Give your input into how pack monies are spent.  And help make pack policies.

* Pack Secretary   - Pack Committee Position - Vacant - Comes to all Leader meeting on the 1st Monday of each month from 7 - 9pm.  Takes notes of the meeting, types them up and gets them to the Committee Chair for distribution to the pack Leaders and parents.  Also keeps on file any  papers etc that have been mailed to the pack, and copies of the class 1 health forms. 
* Pack Trainer (Pack Committee Position - vacant - needs someone in place by Sept 2005, replaces old Den Leader Coach position should plan on attending the Monthly leaders meetings on the 1st  Monday of each month and the Roundtable on the 2nd Wednesday of each month)

* Assistant Committee Chair (Pack Committee Position - vacant - Assists the Committee Chair and Chairs the Committee Meetings if the Chair can not make it)

* Publicity Chair (Pack committee position - vacant-busy when events happen.  Tries to get info etc into the local paper and on the local cable station.  Helps to get the word out on pack events.

* Membership Chair (Pack Committee Position - vacant busy Sep & Apr Helps get new leaders and scouts into the program for the pack works with the committees from the other 2 packs.  With the help of the Cub Master helps organize the new scouts into dens)

* Fundraising Chair  (Pack Committee Position - vacant) busy Sept, Oct and Nov with Pancake Breakfast details - Works with the committees from the other 2 packs in town.

* Activities Chair (Pack Committee Position - vacant - should have someone in place by Sept 2005 - helps to make sure the activities of the pack have someone to plan them)

* Outdoor/Camping Chair (Pack Committee Position - vacant- busy Mar,May and when the pack does sleepovers. Organizes the registrations for Summer camping.)
Currently Vacant
Activites Chair


We Currently need Volunteers for the following events.

Dual Pack Fun Day 6/3 or 6/11 TBD

 - Several Parents needed...Food Buyer, Set Up crew, and Truck to pick up grills.


Contact the Cubmaster if you would like to volunteer to help out at any of the above events.